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A Trip to Pismo Beach

March 11, 2017

A visit to Pismo Beach early in the year is almost a tradition in our family. Usually we stay for a few nights close to the sea. We have lots of fun with our friends at the beach or in the hotel pool for most of the day. And since there is so much going on, nobody really minds me disappearing for a few hours. So I get to make some images of the Pacific Ocean. It is my favorite subject after all!

I made the first two pictures early one morning before breakfast. It was cold and it was high tide. So there were not many people on the beach and I enjoyed the quiet before another action filled day!

Pacific Dayspring

Pismo Beach, California

I really only wanted to photograph the monolith this morning. But the Pismo Beach pier was only a five minute walk away. So why not take the opportunity?

Pismo Beach Pier

Pismo Beach, California

Later in the day we all went exploring the Shell Beach Coastal Conservancy Preserve and the nearby Margo Dodd Park. It's a fabulous place with tons of caves to explore. The kids (and adults) had a fantastic time. Meanwhile I put down my tripod and made two more pictures!

Because Pismo Beach is in such a beautiful part of the California coast, I added some more personal favorites of mine from previous years. The first two are from Spyglass Park.

I think I will never forget making the picture of the arch at Avila Beach. Not only for the chance of seeing this rarity, but also for my first (and hopefully last) experience with Poison Oak. Perhaps I should not have gone off trail and work my way through the bushes. Well, at least I got to know my new doctor...

Pacific Arch

Avila Beach, California

The last picture is from our very first trip to Pismo Beach. I made it just in front of the hotel we were staying that year. You can't beat that view!

Pacific Time

Pismo Beach, California

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