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I am a self-taught photographer living in beautiful Northern California and I am passionate about making images. It allows me to use my imagination outside of my professional career as an engineer and to show the beauty of this world how I see it. I love being outdoors. It allows me to combine photography with my other favorite activity of hiking. Nature and the preservation of our planet with its beauty is very important to me.  I am is a proud member of Nature First "The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography"


• January 2016: Black+White Photography Issue 185, 60-Second Exposure
• June 2017: Conversation with Brooks Jensen for LensWork 130: Audio (21 minutes)
• March 2018: Interview by Cody Schultz


Stark Magazine Issue 15, 2013
Stark Magazine Issue 17, 2013
Stark Magazine Issue 24, 2014 (Cover) 
Seeing in SIXES 2016 (LensWork)
Black+White Photography Issue 185, 2016
LensWork #130 Moods of the Pacific
Seeing in SIXES 2018 (LensWork)
• Our Magnificent Planet 2020 (LensWork)
Our Magnificent Planet 2021 (LensWork)
Black & White Issue 156, December 2022 (Smartphone 2022 Contest Winner)
Black & White Issue 158, December 2023 (Single Image 2023 Contest Winner)


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