A Summer at the Pacific Coast

September 20, 2016

I had the fortune being able to spend quite some time at the Pacific coast this summer. And when I say spending time, I mean strolling around for hours by myself always looking out for a scene that I find intriguing or unique or attractive or just beautiful. Once I find such a spot, I will put down my tripod, set up my camera and hopefully one or two hours later I have made a photo that I like. My goal was to explore areas and beaches I have never been before. The coastline in (Northern) California is so long that this is not really a problem - even after years of exploring it. And now that summer is all but gone, I decided to post a few of those photos I made these past months.

The first place I visited was Martin's Beach. It is located near Hwy 1 just South of Lobitos, California. It was rather foggy when I arrived. Which of course is not uncommon in Summer. Still, I was not sure if I could make a photo I really like as I have not attempted long exposure photography in fog before. To my own surprise, the photo I came away with is my personal favorite of the entire summer!

Pacific Nebula

Martin's Beach, Half Moon Bay, California

After I had finished at Martin's Beach I went to check out Cowell Ranch Beach later the same day. It's located a few miles South of Half Moon Bay. By now the fog had completely cleared. Naturally the photograph I made there has quite a different mood to it.

Pacific Empire

Cowell Ranch Beach, Half Moon Bay, California

The next weekend I started the day in Stinson Beach (about an hour North of San Francisco) with a wonderful hike up to Mt. Tamalpais early in the morning. After returning and a lunch break I explored Mickey's Beach in the afternoon. Fortunately it's only a short drive. To my surprise there was almost nobody around. So I had this beautiful place all to myself.

Pacific Dyad

Mickey's Beach, Hwy 1, California

Red Rock Beach is literally in walking distance from Mickey's Beach. After a while I discovered the intriguing monolith shown below right at one end of the beach.

Pacific Rendezvous

Red Rock Beach, California

The last day I had time for myself I wanted to check out Pacific Fin Cove Beach since I had never been there before. When I arrived there was nobody because the fog was so thick that hardly anything could be seen. So I decided to go for a long walk along the coast (I didn't see much) and to have an extended coffee break in nearby Davenport. And my patience paid off. When I returned the fog was mostly gone. I really like how the water turned out after the three minutes exposure.

Pacific Fin

Shark Fin Cove, Hwy 1, California


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