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August 7, 2022

This summer I was fortunate enough to again visit my old "Heimat" the Ries. I spend two fun and relaxing weeks with family and friends. There was also plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors with hikes and bike rides. This year the skies were even more intriguing with plenty of ever changing cloud formations. Perfect conditions for making images of the wonderful trees living in the area. 

I made the first two images under cloudy skies which I found to be comforting in a way.

Quite in contrast, the sky in the next image was dramatic, almost menacing.

A few days later the sky was peaceful again.

And there were plenty of arresting clouds formations with fascinating light in between.

You can check out treescapes from previous trips to the Ries at More Wonderful Trees of the Ries and Summer Visit to the Ries.


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