Black & White 158

January 14, 2023

Garrapata State Park is one of my favorite places along the Pacific Coast in Northern California. It's a fantastic area to explore its wonderful coastline and to hike amongst giants Redwood trees. I have visited there several times and was fortunate to come home with a few images I am very happy with. Two previous blog posts feature those images: Garrapata State Park and Return to Garrapata State Park.

Back in Summer last year, I submitted "Garrapata - No 7" to the 2023 Single Image contest of the Black & White Magazine. And I'm happy that it was chosen as one of the winning images in the Seascape/Water category.

Garrapata - No 7

Garrapata - No 7

Garrapata State Park, California

"Garrapata - No 7" is published in the February 2023 Issue No 158, which is available on magazine stands now.

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