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Downtown San Jose

January 17, 2015

For a few years now I am exploring downtown San Jose, California with my camera for one of my favorite activities: Architectural long exposure photography. And while some may think that it is perhaps not as attractive as San Francisco, it has many intriguing buildings and structures. From all those walks I know there are plenty of photographic subjects that will keep me busy for some time to come. Incidentally I use the term downtown rather loosely. As long as I can reach a building by foot from an arbitrary parking spot somewhere on Almaden Boulevard it fits my definition.

The first photo is also my personal favorite from all the photos I ever made in San Jose. What I really like about it, is the composition which depicts Adobe's headquarters located in Park Avenue as a mountain with various peaks. And since I made it late in the day near sunset only the top corner was still brightly lid by the sun. After converting the photo into monochrome this lid corner is transformed into a snow packed mountain peak.

Adobe Mountain

Adobe Headquarters, San Jose, CA.

The second photo is to some degree similar to Adobe Mountain. Again I made it late in the day with the sun almost having disappeared behind nearby tall buildings. So only the top section was still glowing (in orange) whereas the rest of the building in West Santa Clara Street was already in the shadows.


225 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, California

3 Three 3 was made at the Santa Clara Social Services Agency in West Julian Street. I think the simple composition with all the lines and triangles work very well.

3 Three 3

333 West Julian Street, San Jose, California

I wanted to photograph the Axis building in North Almaden Boulevard for quite some time. However, the conditions were never to my liking; at least when I had time for photography. Architectural long exposure photography is a good way to exercise patience; that's for sure. But finally the conditions were just right last weekend.

Meant to Be

38 N Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, California

Dominion is a thee minutes exposure from another public building, namely the County of Santa Clara Government Center in West Hedding Street. For some reason I find the title rather fitting.


County of Santa Clara Government Center, West Hedding Street, San Jose, California

Nevermore depicts the PWC building in Almaden Boulevard. They do have some eager security guards which couldn't believe that making a photo of their building was perfectly legal as long as I stayed on the public walkway (which I did). After a while they went back inside to check with their manager. After I was finished I decided to just leave rather than waiting and starting another pointless discussion.


488 Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, California

The last photo was made at the now called SAP Center (it was still named HP Pavillon back then) in West Santa Clara Street. I remember that at first I struggled quite a bit to find a composition that I liked. It's an interesting structure but not easy to photograph. At least that is my experience.


HP Pavilion, West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, California

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