Even More Wonderful Trees of the Ries

August 7, 2023

Like most summers, I visited the Ries the past two weeks to spent time with family and friends and to reconnect with this wonderful region. I cherish the time there and it is always a major highlight of the entire year. A sentiment I have expressed in related previous blog posts Summer Visit to the Ries and More Wonderful Trees of the Ries.

This time around, the weather was different compared to previous years. There was plenty of (much needed) rain sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms and temperatures were noticeably cooler. But this did not stop me from daily walks or bike rides through fields and woods in between rain showers and I only got really soaked once. One upside of this weather is of course the moody skies that come with. A perfect condition for making images of the wonderful trees living in the Ries Crater.

A collection of images of the fine trees of the Ries I made over the years is available in the gallery Rieser Bäume.

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