Hiking Calaveras Fault Trail

August 8, 2020

I have hiked at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve a few times in the past. It is located in the South Bay and offers some great trails and a nice place for a break at an old farm. A few days ago I decided for the first time to hike the Calaveras Fault Trail all the way to the end where a picnic table and some exceptional vistas of the valley below greet you. The entire hike there and back again is more than 10 miles with a total elevation gain of 3600 feet. So I picked day with a fully overcast sky since the trail to the end point does not offer a lot of shade. There was even a fair amount of fog when I started from the trail head. One advantage of hiking such a relatively long trail with a fair amount of ascent is that you won't see many other fellow hikers. In fact, I had the trail all to myself for several hours.

I came across some splendid trees along the trail. And as I had hoped, the clouds started to break at around lunch time when I arrived at the top. This made for some intriguing skies like in the first picture.

A Tree at the Top

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, San Jose, California

If you look close closely, you can see the valley below in the center of the picture where the two slopes meet.

Tree above the Valley

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, San Jose, California

There are also several trees which are at the end of their cycle of life. I am always attracted to those because they can tell so many stories.

And then there was this odd pair. I find it curios that only one of them is totally overgrown whereas the other one is bare.

Odd Tree Pair

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, San Jose, California

Overall it was a wonderful hike and I enjoyed being outdoors immensely.

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