More Wonderful Trees of the Ries

July 31, 2021

Earlier this month I hopped on a plane and went back to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Ries. The main reason was of course to catch up with family and friends. But I made sure to bring along my camera besides my phone as the Ries has abundantly wonderful trees mixed with captivating skies which are strikingly different to the ones in Northern California. I managed to make five 'treescapes" I am truly happy with.

Besides below pictures, you can see more wonderful trees from the Ries in my post Summer Visit to the Ries from Summer 2019.

I made the first picture towards the end of my trip near the village I grew up in. I especially like the shape of the trees and how they seem to disappear into the back.

The first week of my trip was marked by a fair amount of storms with clouds, wind, and rain coming through. This makes for wonderful and dramatic skies that perfectly complement the many intriguing line of trees which are so common for this area.

The last picture is from a bike tour through woods and open space in the Eastern part of the Ries. I met this fine tree at the river Wörnitz right at the end of the ride.

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