Pacific Lightness

June 6, 2015

The Pacific coast is probably my most favorite place for making photos. It only takes me one or two hours in the car to get to one of the the most beautiful coastlines in Northern California situated between Point Reyes National Seashore and Point Lobos State Reserve. What I like so much about the Pacific is its vastness. Once I have decided on a composition and have pressed the shutter, I can soak in its beauty, wander around and explore, or let my thoughts flow freely. And there's plenty of time for it since it takes anywhere from 4 to 16 minutes to finish one exposure.

What I have learned over time though, is that I never know beforehand how the Pacific will present itself. It can either be light or dark. It's of course also influenced by the mood I'm in. The next couple of photos show the lighter aspect of some of the beautiful places out there.

The start is a photo I made recently at Bean Hollow State Beach just South of Pescadero Point. The rocks reminded me of travelers passing through for some reason.

Pacific Travelers

Bean Hollow State Beach, Hwy 1, California

The next two photos are from Miramontes Point in Half Moon Bay, California. I remember that it was an overcast but bright day. Ideal conditions for light Pacific photography!

Next up is "Pacific Riddance" from Redondo Beach, also in Half Moon Bay California.

Pacific Riddance

Redondo Beach, Half Moon Bay

The last two photos are from a bit farther North at the magnificent Patrick's Point State Park, California. It was an early morning and I wanted to capture its calm lightness.


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