Point Lobos Encore

July 6, 2023

It's funny how things work out sometimes. I haven't been photographing at Point Lobos State National Preserve - my favorite place along the Pacific Coast in California - for a very long time. I finally was there to make images last month (this blog post has the details and photos) and now I went back just four weeks later! There was a heat wave in the Bay Area and I had plenty of spare time. So off I went to cool down and to enjoy this wonderful area once more.

Last month I explored various coves in the North. So this time I decided to check out the Southern areas. At the end I only stayed near the Hidden Beach. There are plenty of intriguing rock formations that kept me inspired until it was time for a snack around noon. I was quite happy with the three images I had made so far and therefore decided to call it a day afterwards. Instead I enjoyed a small hike through the beautiful forest at Point Lobos.

Here are the three images I came home with:

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