Study of a Lobby

January 21, 2023

Besides treescapes and seascapes I have a third subject I'm passionate about when it comes to making images: Architectural details. I am an electrical engineer by profession and I suppose that is why I am drawn to precise lines, curves, areas, patterns, and of course details. So when I had the chance to see the renovated lobby of a local company for the first time, I could not help myself but spend some time studying its architectural details.

A circular aperture in the ceiling, resulting in strong curves, lines and contrasts, caught my eye first:

A part of the lobby renovation included the installation of a lighting fixture with many light bulbs hung up with long wires providing for intriguing patterns and strong contrasts:

The updated lobby offers many more details worthy of further studies in the future:

If you are interested in architectural details as much as I am, you can check out a few more studies listed below:

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Lines, Shades, Light, Curves, and Contrasts

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