Summer Visit to the Ries

August 12, 2019

The past two weeks I visited the home of my youth, the Ries, for a summer vacation and for catching up with family. The Ries is a very large meteorite crater that was formed about 14.5 million years ago. This unique place is still very special to me.

One particular aspect I love about the Ries is the abundance of distinct lines of trees. You only have to keep your eyes open and wait for the right condition.

If you ever lived in Germany, you know that summers can be unpredictable. There are stretches of beautiful warm or even hot days with pleasant evenings. However, you can also get gray and rainy days. And if a river or lake is close, you may also experience fog in the morning. Still somewhat jet-lagged, I saw one morning fog rising from the nearby river Wörnitz. I grabbed my camera and a bicycle and managed to make a few atmospheric pictures.

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