The Pacific Coast at Pacifica

July 1, 2023

The other day I had the chance to explore for the first time the Pacific coast near Pacifica in Northern California. And while the greater Bay Area was under the buildup of a heat wave with temperatures already well above 30 ºC on that day, the coastline was different. The sky was full of moody clouds, it was windy and the temperature was at least 13 ºC cooler. Near ideal conditions for making long exposure images!

The first image is from Arami Point, which is a short hike up from Rockaway Beach. You are greeted with wonderful views once you are there.

Rockaway Beach features brown sand and intriguing rocks that seem to move away from it. Or at least, it seems so.

The third image from this day is from Mori Point, which is just a few minutes North of Rockaway Beach.

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