The Pacific in Color

October 25, 2021

Over the years I had the opportunity to visit many fascinating places and beaches along the Pacific Coast in Northern California. If you regularly visit my website or follow my blog, it is obvious that my pictures are usually black and white. This is my preference because it allows me to focus on patterns, lines, light, contrasts and mood of a particular coastline in front of me. There are, however, some scenes that are just as beautiful in color. Below is a series of six of those colored pictures.

The first picture is from an excursion to Garrapata State Park earlier this year. I find the contrast between the warm light on the rock formations and the cool color of the calm water appealing


Garrapata State Park, California

The sunset at Portuguese Beach, Sonoma County, from 2015 is one of my all-time favorite experiences at the Pacific I was able to capture in a picture. The close arrangement of the dark boulders in the calm sea plus the light and clouds in the sky are very captivating. This holds true for either in black and white or in color.

Portuguese Beach Sunset

Portuguese Beach, Sonoma County, California

I visited Greyhound Rock County Park near Davenport back in 2018. The shape and colors of the rock the park is named after are quite impressive in my opinion.

Greyhound Rock

Greyhound Rock County Park, Davenport, California

Martin's Beach situated just South of Half Moon Bay features another iconic rock, which I explored back in 2020. There was a lot of fog when I arrived - the ideal condition for moody black and white pictures. But after a while the fog lifted and I could see the rock in its full glory surrounded by colors.

Iconic Rock

Martin's Beach, Half Moon Bay, California

The next color picture is also from this year. This time it is at Granite Beach in Del Monte Forest. I like the rock formations with their opposing directions and warm colors harmonizing with the calm and cool ocean.


Granite Beach, Del Monte Forest, California

The final picture in this series is from 2017. I made it at Seven Mile Beach, located a couple of miles North of Santa Cruz. I like the colors in the sky and the water on the rocks.

Seven Mile

Seven Mile Beach, Santa Cruz, California

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