Top 10 Favorites of 2020

December 19, 2020

Well, it is the middle of December and that means I do my annual Top 10 Favorites of the year post. This year was unquestionably rather different from other years, but I decided early on not to let this deter me from following my passion of hiking and making pictures. Preferably of trees and the Pacific coast. The only difference is perhaps that all ten pictures on this year’s list mean a lot to me because of the memories attached with them. I still remember exactly the experience and what I felt when I made them.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Peaceful New Year and be kind!

Santa Clara County has an annual #PixInParks challenge. I’m an avid hiker and since a few of the listed parks I had never visited yet, I decided to participate this year for the fist time. Not only did I get to explore wonderful parks and enjoy fantastic scenery but I also had the chance to make some pictures of striking trees. The first one on this year’s top 10 is from a hike at Ed R. Levin County Park back in February.

The Still Standing Tree

Ed R. Levin County Park, Santa Clara County, California

Only a few days later I visited Wilder Ranch State Park - a favorite spot of mine. The weather and conditions where beautiful and I made the following two seascapes.

Pacific Wilder

Wilder Ranch State Park, California

Pacific Melody

Wilder Ranch State Park, California

A second treescape from the #PixInParks hiking challenge made it on the list. This one is from a fantastic hike at Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park.

A Tree in June

Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park, Santa Clara County, California

Summer is always a good time in the year for visits to the Pacific coast. This year I went to Martin’s Beach close to Half Moon Bay. It was a cold and foggy day. I only saw two other people over a stretch of several hours and had large sections of the beach literally all to myself.

Pacific Grit

Martin's Beach, Half Moon Bay, California

The second summer trip to the coast was to Garrapata State Park. Again, it was foggy and not too warm. But I enjoyed its coastline and the hike into the old Redwoods coves afterwards a great deal.

Garrapata - No 1

Garrapata State Park, California

The next picture is from a long and strenuous hike at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve in the East of San Jose. Fortunately it was rather cloudy, not too hot, and I was the only one on the steep trail. Ideal conditions for hikes and treescapes!

Two Age-worn Trees

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, San Jose, California

The next picture is from one of my many morning walks in San Jose during a particularly foggy morning in September. I did not have my camera with me, but my phone did just fine.

Fog at Wallenberg Park

Wallenberg Park, San Jose, California

I always wanted to combine a treescape and a seascape into a single picture. And here it is!

An Arch and a Tree

Pismo Beach, California

It is nearly impossible not to have a picture on my annual top 10 list made at my favorite hiking location on Earth: Almaden Quicksilver. I have hiked there more than a thousand times and still discover new and beautiful corners.

Almaden Arcadia

Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Santa Clara County, California

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