Trip to Morro Bay

April 17, 2022

My family and I visited Morro Bay for a few days during spring break. We have never been there before and it was wonderful. I also found time to explore a few spots along the Pacific during this trip. It was rather windy, so I had to guard my camera and tripod with my body as much as possible for several minutes at a time. Despite my best efforts, most long exposure photos unfortunately exhibited some level of blur. But I am happy that two images turned out okay.

The first of those two depicts Morro Rock. It's a fairly large rock of volcanic origin and is visible all over the bay.

Morro Rock

Morro Bay, California

The second image is from the same North Point Natural Area and represents the intriguing rock formations present at Morro Bay.

Pacific Niche

Morro Bay, California

Besides the fantastic coastline, Morro Bay also offers some amazing hikes. One morning we hiked up to Back Hill in Morro Bay State Park. It offers beautiful views of the near Pacific coast to the West and the mountain ranges in the East. Though the  morning we visited, it was all fog - so no grant vistas that day. We still enjoyed the hike and the fog provided the right setting for some moody images.

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