Why do I photograph Trees?

May 22, 2022

Why do I photograp trees? That is a question I have thought about for some time now. And I concluded, that there is no single reasons. Instead there multiple.

First, I love hiking in the many nearby county, state, or national parks and woods. The solitude and peacefulness help to clear and calm my mind. You can find me in the surrounding mountain ranges typically two to three times a week. So it is very natural, that I encounter many wonderful trees along the trail during all seasons throughout the year.

And when I meet one of those wonderful trees, I am always reminded, that they are unique. There is no other one that looks just like this one. In a way they also form their own universe. If you stop and observe a tree for some time, you will discover that it is full of life. There are all kind of birds, bugs, squirrels, mushrooms, lichen, and other plants forming a habitat. I find this absolutely fascinating. 

One other thing I appreciate about trees very much is that they are old or even very old and therefore full of wisdom. Unlike us humans, they are not subject to the daily rush we usually have to deal with. I am certain this is the explanation why they are so patient with me when I walk around them trying to find the best composition for an image. They never complain and they never move or even run away.

Following is a collection of twelve of my personal all-time favorite images of trees. The first one has a very special place in my heart. By my estimate, I have hiked by this wonderful tree at least a thousand times in the past years. It still looks mostly like in the image below, though it has lost a few branches over the years.

Tree in Winter Fog

Almaden Quicksilver County Park, San Jose, California

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